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 Brochure, 1873, side 2.
John Stidston brochure from Plymouth, 1873.
Recently come to light (we had the brilliant idea of turning over the page!) is the companion document to the Stidston brochure featured here, dating the brochure to October 1873. To spare your eyes, here’s what this document says:


[Something like “We seek the favour”] of your perusing the annexed List in which we particularize, in as concise a manner as possible, a few of the leading articles required for Autumn and Winter Wear.

We especially recommend your attention to the enclosed Patterns, having cleared a Manufacturer’s Stock at a large Reduction in Price, we are enabled to give our friends a considerable advantage over other Houses, as a comparison will clearly show.

We have made every arrangement in our Manufacturing Department, to meet the requirements of an increasing trade, in order that our customers’ wants shall at all times be complied with.

We sincerely hope for a continuance of favours from those who have tried us, and respectfully solicit a trial from those who have not, feeling assured that one trial is all that is needed to establish that confidence we are so desirous of obtaining.

We are, Sir,

Very respectfully,

John Stidston & Son.’


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