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 The Stidston shop, Plymouth, ca. 1900.
Stidston shop, Plymouth, Devon.
This old photograph, part of Steve Johnson’s wonderful collection, shows the impressive frontage of the "Costumiers, Tailors & Hatters" trading under the Stidston name in Plymouth. The question is: When? And exactly which Plymouth street is depicted above? The trams are a clue: initial investigations suggest that electric tramways first appeared in Plymouth around 1899. We also know, based on documents we hold, that John Stidston & Sons were trading and living at Nos. 7&8 Treville Street, Plymouth, in 1872 and were established (though probably not at the same address) in 1842.

Plymouth street maps of the era suggest that this could indeed be Treville Street (carrying the Stidston frontage) and that the street in the foreground could be Old Town Street. Can you help?

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